Our Lives Have Been Transformed


Today’s testimony shares a truth that many feel but few admit. This husband was on his way to a divorce that neither he nor his wife wanted.  Very few couples really want to end a marriage. The simple message of Love and Respect applied to a marriage, even one headed for divorce, can make a huge difference. We believe this email will encourage you.

I want to thank you for putting together such an amazing program.  Our community group leader (who's also our marriage minister) put our small group through your program  about a year ago. The results have been life transforming!!!

I Wasn’t Loving Her

My wife and I have been married for 15 years and were on our way to a divorce that neither of us wanted. I wasn't loving her or listening to her in a way that she needed and she didn't know that the Bible tells her to respect me, what that looked like, or even how to start.

We Were Acting Like Petulant Children

She will now tell you that she was very disrespectful and withheld intimacy as a punishment. I in turn, withheld love and communication.  I was selfish and downright lazy. We were acting like petulant children instead of reflecting the love of Christ and the Church.

An Amazing Marriage

Since taking your course, our lives have been transformed, by Christ through you, into an AMAZING marriage filled with communication, love, respect, and trust, centered around Christ and focused on Him.

Our Child Has Flourished

But that's not all that has changed. Our child has flourished in all aspects of life, but most of all his walk with Christ. We as a family pray together every day, and my wife and I pray together at least twice a week. A major improvement to say the least.

Thank you so much for what you do! Love and Respect was the tool that God used to bless and restore my family in only a way that He can. We are eternally grateful to you!  (C.B.)

We are always encouraged to hear a husband’s side of their Love and Respect story. As you focus on Christ this week, apply Ephesians 5:33 to your marriage. Give God the opportunity to transform your marriage!

~ Emerson

P.S. Men and women, we welcome your testimonies! Please email them to: testimonies@loveandrespect.com.