After 13 Years Our Marriage is Like a Dream…It’s a Miracle!

After 13 years I can finally say our marriage is truly like a dream. It is unbelievable how tender and fun and honest and caring and loving and joyful and playful and kind and intimate and generous and forgiving and sincere and giving and wonderful our marriage is. It is a MIRACLE. And only with God’s guidance in His Word and from your Love and Respect series has this been possible.

I Almost Drove Off Into the Grass!

LOTS to tell you about our journey – really a miracle. But let me give you one short example. Yesterday we were going to meet our son for brunch. We decided what time we would leave (I am a time guy – guess it goes with my job). At one minute before we were supposed to leave, she said, “I will be right there – go on to the car.” 10 minutes (which to me seemed like 10 hours) went by. She came out and got in the car – and let me add it is not unusual for this scenario to happen – and she normally would say, “You are just such a control freak where time is concerned. Don’t even start with me.” Yesterday she got in the car (and I had already decided to be loving – as if Jesus was getting in the car late - which He would never do!). She looked at me and said, “It was horribly disrespectful of me to be late. I am so very sorry. I should have gotten ready and then sorted the laundry. Will you forgive me?” I almost drove off into the grass. So…God is really working – in both of us. Probably no way to ever thank you. Ever. I am telling everyone about the DVD series and trying to get our pastor to show it at church on Sunday mornings.

I Had Been Praying For a Miracle…Then…Something Happened!

I had been praying for a miracle in my marriage…a big one...but felt all hope was lost. I began to make plans on picking up the pieces alone. Then we attended the Love and Respect conference. (My husband) slept in the car on the way to the meeting and I thought "I wasted $50 we don't have.” (But) something happened when you got up and started speaking. My husband woke up. When we left…he apologized for not being a good husband and wants to make things better. I apologized to him for my attitudes. Things are starting to turn around. Thank you and please keep us in your prayers.

From Divorce to Reconciliation

My husband and I attended your Love and Respect was AWESOME! (We have) witnessed miracles… (Later) we decided we were at a place where we wanted to help others with the help we had received. Our first and only choice on what topic we should lead was Love and Respect!! It was a no brainer!! This concept had played a pivotal role in changing the tide in our marriage from divorce to reconciliation. We have since led the Love and Respect small group 8 times (around 100 couples)…We have an intense desire to help marriages, and we believe if two stubborn, selfish people like us could let God change our hearts, well anyone can!! Your ministry helped save our marriage! If it was not for your book we would be unhappy, bitter, divorced parents continuing a legacy of divorce and a broken family to our beautiful children. We were so happy we had the opportunity to come to a live conference.

A Gentle Release of the Pain

Well a miracle happened! I read the Love and Respect book entirely last week...As we went thru the (Love and Respect) DVDs I could feel a gentle release of the pain that gripped our marriage for 22 years. Rather than a “light-bulb” moment, it’s been more of a dimmer switch getting brighter with the hope we’ll be OK now that we have some tools for an even better marriage. A softening has occurred…We are already teaching the kids some of the principles and have decided to re-watch the DVDs with the kids. We believe this can help them from many of the pitfalls we fell for and we can all “practice” Love and Respect on each other…I realize these principles were in the Bible all along; however we missed it!... You have a way of delivering the message in such spot on accuracy wrapped in humor, so we can swallow it better. Makes me think you’re the “Mary Poppins of Marriage" with your “spoonful of humor to make the painful truth go down!”

Strengthened and Restored

We received our Love & Respect DVDs in the mail today and we just wanted to let you know how excited we are to finally be getting our brothers, sisters, cousins and their spouses and fiancés (and some singles) together to watch them. (Our friends) have done several small groups with their set of DVDs over the last three years, and have seen so many miracles as marriages are strengthened and restored!

The Past Few Months Have Been Heavenly

I went to church and prayed and prayed for reconciliation. My ex-husband... confessed about a year ago that he wanted to try again. My heart soared with emotion! Glory to God! Could this be true? I thought it was done and over, but God had other ideas. The “story of us” was far from over. The past few months have been heavenly, and I owe it all to Christ’s message and your delivery of that message…I had attempted to try marriage counseling or retreats with (my husband) before, but they were always under a cloud of problems and heartache. This was different…Instead of moving in two different directions, we were moving as one. After purchasing the book, we attended the conference together and I was over the moon that he wanted to go…and it was life changing for us. We held hands at the “ceremony” at the end of the conference and prayed…These are the miracles that God performs. It is all in God’s timing.

Fears Dissipated

After I heard the Love and Respect message I bought the CDs and sent it to (my husband)…I asked him if he would listen to this prayerfully and let me know if he thought there was hope for us. I then attended the seminar…Hope and confidence that this was a "God" thing grew in both of us and fears began to dissipate. God began to do miracles in each of our hearts, and we could each see how God had been changing our hearts in various ways while we were apart, and we had no idea we were both experiencing that. We both got a copy of the Love and Respect book and were reading it over the phone and talking through our past difficulties and differences.….we began checking out the DVDs …We were amazed at how God confirmed time and again that it was Him doing it. We experienced open door after open door, and undoubtable miracles along the way confirming His will for us.

I Never Thought This Was Possible

The turnaround in our marriage is a miracle and is a profound event in my life…we have had hard discussions since I finished the (Love & Respect) book and since we attended the conference, but not one has turned into an argument. We have had disagreements, but not disconnection. Every hard discussion has resulted in a deeper level of intimacy in our marriage. I never thought this was possible. God is able to do immeasurably more than we ever ask or imagine.

You’ve Got to Watch This!

We have been married 14 years & never have we done anything together to serve the Lord's people. My friend basically stuck your DVD series in my face & said, “You've got to watch this!” My husband & I did. In fact, we still are for the 2nd time around. Just yesterday my husband said, "We are supposed to call couples so we can pray together." This is not the "norm" for my husband. To invite people into our home so we can talk & be transparent...Wow! We look forward to God using our miracle in marriage to help other marriages not fail but succeed God's way! Amen!

This Message Transformed Us

We attended the conference and want to let you know how blessed we were by the truth you spoke. God has used your message to transform us and our marriage. We are amazed at the miracle and work He is doing in us individually and in our marriage. Your message of love & respect gave us a great start, and God has been gracious to help us along in the journey.

The Divorce Papers Were in the Car

I want to thank you for helping me get my marriage back! The divorce papers were in the car and I'd only promised to go to the conference because our daughter begged me to. I'd tried for months with my spouse; we were separated, tried counseling, prayer, and after 16 years I knew it was over… (During the third session) I could feel my heart being touched by God…(What took place between us) has NEVER happened before and I want to tell you that we are reconciled, I've stopped the divorce…we've spoken to our daughter and shared with her our change of heart and we say thank you. There is no doubt in my life that I'm watching a miracle in action and I say, bless you for your time and effort.

I Want Everyone to Know This Truth

Love and Respect…is a miracle in my life. My husband and I have been separated for over a year now. In January, my husband began to move back in my direction in an attempt to reconcile our marriage. I felt the Lord telling me to give this marriage a chance again. But, I didn't have the tools to solve any of our past messes. I was blindly obedient to the Lord and just walked and waited for Him to reveal how this would all come together. And the Lord put the Love and Respect book in my path in February. I began reading the book the day I bought it. I was shocked and blown away by the truth that was written page after page. I began to see my half in the mess and better yet, I began to see how to resolve our problems and reconcile our marriage. Then I ordered the Love and Respect Marriage Conference…and I am even more convicted and profoundly impacted. I really, really made huge mistakes. I have read so many marriage self-help books and nothing compares to the knowledge and wisdom that is found in this Love and Respect concept. I am excited and hopeful for my marriage and I can't help but want to shout it from a mountain top. I want everyone to know this truth (that) will save marriages…I walk in faith each day as our marriage is rebuilt…Truly this work and information is a miracle in my life…Everyone needs to know and hear the truth that has set me free! May the Lord richly bless you as you have blessed me!

A Miracle Is Happening In Our Marriage

I do not have a 'sudden miracle' story for you currently, but I do believe a miracle is happening gradually in our marriage relationship. My husband and I are going to see a counselor...and he initiated this! Although he said at the conference that he felt we were 'beyond this' in terms of the answers we need, he has noticeably softened since, and I know I have changed my attitude as a result of the heart-changing, mind-renewing message you shared.

A Wonderful Change in Our Relationship…A Miracle Breakthrough

A wonderful change in our relationship began and we both tried to be understanding of each other. Your course just fit in perfectly and filled in the missing pieces…We are to respect our differences. Laughter and peace has come into our home again. Thank you! (My husband) and I had several opportunities to share the principles of Love and Respect with several other Christian couples and of how God was working in our lives and marriage…Already we have had some couples into our home and shared our experience and then we sit and play your CD and end it by praying a prayer of forgiveness and healing for our relationships.

A Counselor Experiences a Miracle

Love and Respect was nothing short of a miracle in saving my marriage, and I would love the opportunity to make others aware of your Ministry and what it can do for a marriage. I hold a Master’s degree in Counseling, and I am a Christian…Thank you so much, and God Bless you both for saving my marriage.

God Worked His Plan

One of God's miracles in all of this is (we) made a commitment to go for counseling and the person that gave us the counseling used all his teaching based on Love and Respect. First we had to re-read your book, then we went through your 5 DVDs on Love and Respect…with obedience, faith, patience and with (the) Love and Respect teaching God worked His plans His way….Yes we both have acknowledged that it takes two to tango and we were in all aspects of our lives on the crazy cycle. We are now committed to always work our way through life by putting God first and to stay off of the crazy cycle.

The Changes in My Marriage Can Only Be Attributed to a Miracle!

The changes in my marriage are so drastic that it can only be attributed to a miracle…my life will NEVER be the same. I will, with God's help, ALWAYS seek God and His ways. My marriage has changed and my children will be blessed because of it. This truly does make a difference for generations to come.

A Miracle in My Life... Great Joy in My Marriage!

My own experiences along with your advice have resulted in a miracle in my life. I enjoy my husband as I did when we were courting (more, even). Our sex life has improved 100% as I find respecting my husband a turn-on (believe it or not). Today, he gets more than enough respect (and sex) and I get all the love and protection that I could ever want. There is now great joy in my marriage thanks to your help.

Almost Immediately Our Marriage Began to be Restored

We watched the videos of your conference...I cry as I write this, because it was almost immediately that our marriage began to be restored…(my husband) said he could not stand to be away from his family any longer and he asked the kids and I to be with him. What makes this a miracle was that we didn’t go back into the same broken marriage, but instead into one that was healed. The way that we treated each other was completely different. The understanding that we had for each other was completely different. I cannot thank you enough for what one book and one video did…We now try to help other relationships around us and even recommend your book to others. We simply spread the same message that you shared with us. We have watched as it has helped others around us. Our hearts are with those relationships that seem impossible to mend…(we want to share) that people can and DO change. We are 100% proof of that… We know that this miracle came from God through your message. Thank you so very much for sharing this message with us. You saved our family.

The Adult Kids Called Their Parent’s Marital Turn-Around a Miracle

I am one of five kids, and since I can remember my parents have constantly been fighting and bitter towards each other…It was finally to the breaking point…We no longer cared what happened, as long as the fighting and the yelling and the hatred and the bitterness stopped. I have spared you the details, but to kids growing up in a home like that, it was hell…About a year ago, after going to countless seminars, numerous marriage counselors, and who knows how many books, they discovered the Love & Respect series. To the rest of us it was just another stab in the dark and the seemingly obvious expectation of a divorce was still there. When my parents did a complete 180-degree turn around, it was very difficult not to be still in denial and hurt and expect it not to last too long. It was definitely something I would call, without any doubt, a miracle. Something that would have been impossible had it not been for God's grace and compassion. When they went from twenty-two years of hating each other, to holding hands, going out on dates and cuddling overnight, I could not believe it. They are now a very happy couple and plan on re-doing their wedding vows for their twenty-fifth anniversary. It saved our family (and) it saved our lives.

Married 31 Years but Had Not Received God’s Wonderful Gift

My husband and I attended the Love and Respect Conference. We have been married for 31 years; committed, but not always happy. As we chaotically plunged through our 40's, we created a lot of devastation in our relationship. For some years, my husband did not say "I love you."... He refused to talk about anything of significance. Emotionally, he had shut down and consequently, did not try to connect with me in any way. For a long time, I chafed under this treatment…This is how we were when we came to the conference. I was actually afraid that he would be more annoyed than anything else. BUT...As a wonderful, undeserved gift from the Father who so incredibly bestows good things on his children, God opened my husband's heart… he became a changed man. A man who loves me, adores me, apologizes to me quickly…and talks to me all the time. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Thank you for being willing to share the message of love and respect across our nation. I am forever grateful.