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And They Lived Happily Ever After...Not Necessarily [Video]

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One of our chief concerns at Love and Respect is not that people hear the message, important as that is, but that couples who attend a conference or read the book will go on to effectively practice love and respect in their daily lives. I realize each couple has this very same concern, of course. My heart goes out to those who tell me they “get it,” but aren’t able to consistently “stay with it.” They have learned that Love and Respect sounds simple, but it’s not so easy to do (maybe “unnatural” is a better phrase).

I understand. Sarah and I don’t find it easy or natural either, and we have conducted Love and Respect Marriage Conferences over two hundred times during the last ten years!

I am not trying to discourage you; I want to encourage you by saying right up front that Love and Respect is not a magic bullet. You will try it and find that you won’t always practice it perfectly.

But Proverbs 24:16 gives me much hope, as I hope it will for you: “A righteous man [or woman] falls seven times and rises again.”

And how do you “rise again?”

Watch the video for three guidelines.

If you and your spouse would like to talk more on this topic, please get the devotional called The Love & Respect Experience. The guidelines I laid out in this video, as well as discussion questions, are available in this resource from our online store.

LET’S PRAY: Thank you, Lord, for your forgiveness, your grace, and the righteousness that only you can bestow. Thank you for you promise that though the righteous fall, they can rise again and continue to build a strong marriage with love and respect. LORD, I Ask you to put it in my heart to refuse to let defeat defeat me. In your name.


Make personalized copies of Proverbs 24:16 that say, “For a righteous spouse falls seven times, and rises again,” and put them up on bathroom mirrors, inside cupboard doors and in other places where you will see them every day.

Emerson Eggerichs, Ph.D.
Author, Speaker, Pastor

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