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We Believe in Miracles!

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“Our Marriage is Like a Dream…It’s a Miracle! And only with God’s guidance in His Word and from your Love and Respect series has this been possible.”“The changes in my marriage are so drastic that it can only be attributed to a miracle…and my children will be blessed because of it. This truly does make a difference for generations to come.”

“God has used this message to transform us and our marriage. We are amazed at the miracle and work He is doing in us individually and in our marriage.”

We are always thrilled when we hear comments such as these following our Love and Respect Marriage Conference! Marriage is hard. No one knows that more than my wife Sarah and me! That’s why we’d like to personally invite you to join us at one of our LIVE marriage conferences. You too can experience a miracle in your marriage!

Watch the video to learn more…

Still not sure? Read what my wife Sarah says…


My favorite part of the Love & Respect Marriage Conference is the opportunity to meet the amazing men and women who attend. I am especially moved by the men who come.

Why?  Because I see men respond in powerful ways to this message and it always touches my heart. In fact, I want to subtitle it “The marriage conference men want to attend!”

This is what one man wrote us:

"This truly is a conference men want to attend. What was said at this event captured what I feel and think as a man. It also challenged me to understand the heart of my wife. Our marriage has been energized.”

Wives are asking their husbands, “Is this the way you feel?”

Men are saying, “Absolutely.”

Wives then tell us, “Why has no one told us this before? I love this! I now feel like I know how to connect with him.”

Why do men find our marriage conference so “male-friendly”?

We understand that good willed men serve and die for issues of honor and respect.

Yet men can appear to lack motivation to show love. What husband does not know that he is to love his wife? Our culture screams this message everywhere we go. Generally speaking, husbands don’t lack this knowledge.

But what many of them do lack, for some reason, is motivation. Who most often urges attendance at a marriage seminar? Who reads the books on marriage?  Who tries to get a spouse to change? You got it. She does.

So what is the issue?

She lands on love…he lands on respect.

Most men know their wives love them, but they often feel we don’t like them – or respect them, for who they are.

We know that women need respect too! But if a woman is feeling disrespected in her marriage, her conclusion is usually, “You don’t love me! How can you say you love me and treat me with such disrespect?” She lands on love.

We discovered a Crazy Cycle: without love a wife reacts without respect, and without respect a husband reacts without love. This starts the Crazy Cycle spinning!

She is not trying to be disrespectful but she appears that way, and he is not trying to be unloving but he appears that way.

We want to help you get off that Crazy Cycle. We will put a voice and vocabulary to what a husband feels and he will be energized in a way no other marriage conference energizes him. That's a promise.

And, we will help husbands understand that the deepest longing in the heart of his wife is for love and that her mission is to connect with him at that level. If she appears disrespectful that is not her intent as a good willed woman.

Husbands and wives – we believe you will both love this conference! We hope you’ll join us at one of our Conferences and energize your marriage.


Emerson Eggerichs, Ph.D.
Author, Speaker, Pastor

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