10 Pack - The Illumination Project Journal

10 Pack - The Illumination Project Journal

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These journals are the companion product for the Illumination Project DVDs. This pack includes 10 journals and 10 sets of colored pencils.

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What is it? What topics are covered?

  • Love and Respect as it relates to the generation of 18-35 year olds

  • Marriage, dating, singleness

  • Male/female relationships

  • Faith/Beliefs about God

  • Life's wounds

  • Q&A

  • And much more...

Who is it for?

  • The Illumination Project is a tool for everyone 18 years and older. It is designed for a small group context, ideally comprised of young and old together, but can also be done among peers or independently.

  • 18-35 year olds: the series addresses common questions this generation faces – whether single, dating, married or divorced.

  • Older generation: TIP is ideal for those who want to mentor; simply pushing "play" will get a discussion started.

  • NOTE: While The Illumination Project has content relevant to singles, it is NOT a "singles study.

What all is included?

  • 6-session DVD set

  • 6 journals (approximately 105 pages)

  • 6 sets of colored pencils

  • 6 coasters

  • Gold Star Czar button (will make sense later)

  • Gold Star Stickers (will make sense for anyone who thrives on award-based systems)

  • Book of Matches

  • Footage of Portland-based artists and musicians

  • Each week includes approximately 30 minutes of video, time for discussion, and a variety of suggestions for personal reflection

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