What I Know Now: New Moms, Lessons From a Fifth Grader

What I Know Now: New Moms, Lessons From a Fifth Grader

Hey friendlings,

We’ve finally come to the finish line of the What I Know Now series, a collection of little videos I made with my parents in celebration of The Illumination Project launch. My mom and pop have been sharing some nuggets of wisdom they’ve learned from different stages of their lives.

My dad may have just written a book on parenting called Love and Respect in the Family, but my mom is just as insightful. And by insightful I mean, “made just as many mistakes.”

No parent is perfect, but hopefully you’ll gain some of the wisdom she wishes she would have known while raising my two brothers.

This video is about moms and their sons.

So sit back and enjoy the video, and let’s start talkin’!

P.s. What’s this shoulder-to-shoulder business? Learn more HERE. Or, check out my dad’s first book,Love and Respect.

Single? Newly Married? Wondering what Mama and Papa E have to say to you? Check it out HERE.



Parents, what additional advice can you give to new moms who are raising boys?

Kids, what advice can YOU give based on how you were raised—what worked/didn’t work with your mothers?

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