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What woman does not feel compelled to improve her marriage and family? God put that within a wife and mother’s heart.


But sometimes she wonders if her methods are as effective as they could be, especially with the men in her life.

“Why has no one ever told us this before?“

The Love and Respect message has revolutionized the thinking of countless women. It provides never-before-heard information about how to motivate the male heart. It provides language to help the man in her life to know of her need to feel loved and respected.


If you came to Love and Respect alone and for the first time, but looking for ways to improve your marriage, please listen to the free podcast about the Crazy Cycle (click here). The Crazy Cycle says during conflict: without love a wife reacts without respect, and without respect a husband reacts without love. Even though we all need love and respect equally, this is the felt need during marital tension. In the podcast we explain the Crazy Cycle and how to jump off the Crazy Cycle. We believe the Crazy Cycle is the culprit in most marriages for the unhappiness they feel. Additionally, consider the free 15 Day Marriage Plan or our Blog.

Women Only Resources

Are you interested in doing a women’s study? We recommend the revolutionary series called, Respectfully Yours, Online Version.

Would you like to read about how best to influence the heart of your husband? Click here to learn about the two book series called, Motivating Your Man God’s Way.

Interested in a resource that helps you with your relationship with your sons? Check out the book Mother & Son: The Respect Effect

*See these below as well.

With Your Husband

Is your husband interested in reading a marriage book? Please read the classic work called Love & Respect. (click here). The fact that this book has made it to the New York Times bestseller list twice indicates that this message is life-changing and marriage-changing. Why? It is a marriage book that is fair to men and women. Many men say, “Wow, this connected the dots and put a voice and vocabulary to what I feel.” Women say, “Why has no one ever told us this before? It gave me the tools to use that created a desire in my husband to connect with me and understand my heart.”

With Love & Respect,

Emerson and Sarah