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Did You Have Doubt And Obstacles When You First Launched Love And Respect?

Emerson shares his personal experience of questioning God's direction and wondering if he had made a mistake in launching Love and Respect Ministries. He discusses the difference between God's unique will and his universal will, finding comfort in God's universal will even when unsure about his unique leading. Emerson emphasizes the importance of pleasing God through his universal will, which includes giving thanks in all circumstances. He introduces the concept of the four wills of God, which are passages in Scripture that outline God's specific will for believers. Emerson concludes by highlighting the significance of aligning oneself with God's universal will as the foundation for their walk with Him.

Questions to Consider

  1. Reflecting on Emerson's journey with Love and Respect Ministries, have you ever experienced moments of doubt or uncertainty about following what you believed to be God's unique direction for your life? How did you navigate through those doubts?
  2. Considering the distinction between God's unique will and His universal will as discussed in the video, how do you prioritize seeking and following God's will in your own life? Do you find yourself more focused on discerning His unique will or aligning with His universal principles?
  3. The concept of giving thanks in all circumstances is emphasized throughout. How do you practice gratitude in your life, especially during challenging times? How does gratitude influence your perspective on God's guidance and provision?
  4. Emerson shares the idea that by aligning with God's universal will, we demonstrate trustworthiness, which may lead to His revealing of unique guidance for our lives. Reflect on a time when you experienced God's unique direction after faithfully following His universal principles. What insights did you gain from that experience?