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3 Proven Steps Marriage Mentors Use That Are Saving Marriages All Over The World!


How To Be Equipped as a Marriage Mentor

Many people have written to Love and Respect about their vision and passion to mentor other couples with the Love and Respect message. After many years of prayer and evaluation we have launched the Love and Respect Mentoring Ministry in partnership with Dare To Be Different. Here is what we offer churches and couples.

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The Three Proven Steps

  1. MEDIATE - We train lay people how to create 'peace' using a powerful mediation technique. This equips lay people to be ready for any issue, anytime.

  2. TEACH - We created a 19 page comprehensive scripture reference guide equipping mentors to teach biblical truth that is relative to every issue they will mediate on. Mentors don't have to be bible scholars, just use their mentor guide to identify what scripture to use when mentoring a couple. Our teaching and mediation process is wrapped in the Love and Respect message.

  3. CONFRONT - Confronting core issues (sin) can be the most important part of mentoring a couple. Unless we get to the 'heart', we won't see change. Our process gets couples to look within their heart and enables them to come to full repentance and forgiveness with often yields real healing and sometimes salvation. These three steps make our process the deepest and most effective marriage mentoring method available.

What it is: It is a hands on method of mediation and negotiation, empowering couples to solve their own issues. It is unique in that it is designed to be effective for premarital couples, couples wanting to enrich their marriage and couples in crisis. The role of the mentor is to mediate first, teach biblical truths second and confront core issues third.

What it is NOT: The Love and Respect Marriage Mentoring program is not another teaching curriculum. It is not a replacement for clinical or pastoral counseling.

The Role of a Mentor Couple: The role of the mentor is to mediate first, teach biblical truths second and confront core issues third over a 10 week period. Mentees love it because it is focused specifically on their life issues and they enjoy the feeling of accomplishment when solving their own issues. Mentors love it because it is a very structured, yet an easy process to follow and they don't feel pressured to "fix" couples.

Marriage mentoring is a process for training key couples in your church to mentor other couples, especially those in crisis. "Live" or video instruction is available. All administrators and mentor couples will be given the necessary tools to implement the program in your church. 




  • Convert a broken marriage into one that thrives

  • Disciple couples to get spiritually stronger

  • Attract un-churched families

  • Decrease workload for church staff and increase morale

  • Build a stronger foundation with the pre and newly married

  • Create future leaders

  • Increase/maintain attendance in your church

  • Increase/maintain revenue with stronger marriages


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