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Christian Life
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Why I Like Giving

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Why I Like Giving

Growing up in a single parent home, we didn’t have much. But as my mother would remind us, we always had food, clothing, and a roof over our head.

Her reminder helped me to always be grateful and see the glass half full and not half empty.

You can always give something.

And even though we just “had enough” she taught me that you can always give something no matter how much or how little you have.

I do not remember the circumstances, but there was this moment when a young couple in our church was really struggling financially. I don’t recall why or how my mom had an extra $100 but she did, which was a lot of money then. She told me we were going to give the money to the young couple.

I can vividly remember the anticipation and the actual moment we went to their home and delivered the money. They were blown away because they knew our circumstances. That made a lasting impression on me.

I knew it was a sacrifice then, but in reflection, I now know it was a HUGE sacrifice.

And maybe that is why I LOVE the book, “I Like Giving” by Brad Formsma.

Leave a lasting impact.

If you want a book to read as a family that will keep your children’s attention and more assuredly capture their hearts, this is a great read that will leave a lasting impact for eternity!

Or if your kids are still too young, read it and start imitating the simple examples of giving no matter your financial status. It will start the lifestyle of giving with your little ones before they know any different!

This isn’t what you think it is.

It’s not about giving money, although there are stories like that. It is about living a generous lifestyle that anyone - no matter their age - can live out.

Each chapter is filled with inspirational real life stories told by people whose lives were changed through giving.

When we choose to give, we change, and the people around us change. When we move from awareness to action, miracles happen. When we allow giving to be our idea, a world of possibilities opens up before us, and we discover new levels of joy (Brad Formsma, I Like Giving, p. 6).

You will be changed.

This book will spark your imagination and challenge your perception of giving. You will not want to put the book down! You will laugh, cry, and smile. Truly you will be changed.

As Dave Ramsey said in his endorsement of this book, “I Like Giving will light you up on the generosity dial.”

In this world of “me, me, me,” wouldn’t it be awesome to give your kids the joy of looking for opportunities to give and then have stories to share and encourage others?

Is it better to give than to receive?

I promise you the stories they tell will be about what they got in return! The value of what they received will be priceless in comparison to what they gave.

We have been fortunate to become friends with Brad and his wife and they are the real deal. They practice what they preach and the legacy they are leaving for their children and their children’s children will carry on into heaven.

The Giving Challenge:

  • Try to give away three things this week. Think outside the box!
  • Give someone the gift of time.
  • Listen to others and see if you can meet a need they may have.
  • If you have children, let them share their ideas and participate in the giving too.

From my heart,


Sarah Eggerichs

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