Marriage Helps: The Two Most Helpful Helps [Video]

How did you get here? Did you run a Google search for “marriage helps,” recognizing that you need help on a marital concern that leaves you feeling helpless? You might have hoped that a search for “marriage helps” would produce a fairly easy answer. You might have thought, “Perhaps a thoughtful individual will furnish a timely nugget of truth to assist with my marriage difficulty."

If I could be so bold, I might be able to support you. Some view me as a marriage specialist, having sold 1.6 million copies of a book called Love & Respect since its release over 15 years ago and presenting Love and Respect Marriage Conferences all over the world alongside my wife, Sarah. We have spent over a decade delivering a simple message that provides two keys to help couples.

What are the “Two Keys?”

Though you may be looking for help on how to better communicate, handle money problems, resolve sexual differences, deal with in-laws and other common challenges in marriage, there is something underneath these issues that unlocks the mystery to moving through them.

As much as we value practical help in these challenging areas, we need help with something deeper and simpler. There is a root issue underneath all of these other issues. In understanding the root issue, we better insure an enjoyable and meaningful marriage.

Academic analysis unveils two staple items that seriously damage the marriage: showing hostility and contempt when addressing common marital issues. In other words, when we habitually display an unloving and disrespectful attitude when coping with marital ailments, we ruin intimacy and friendship.

Although real, the surface-problems (like the in-laws) are not the root issue. The root dilemma is a failure to appear loving and respectful when confronting the problems.  

In other words, when we seek "marriage helps" we need to make sure that we distinguish symptoms from the disease. Otherwise, we seek a cure for the dry skin which we hear is remedied with an over the counter cream, but we end up overlooking the gangrene.

Watch the video above to learn what I know will help you more than any other “marriage help" on the Google market.

-Dr. E