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Why Are You Thankful for the Love and Respect Message Revealed in Ephesians 5:33?

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Are there reasons to be thankful for the Love and Respect message revealed in Ephesians 5:33? To stimulate your heart, which testimony below best captures your thankfulness for the Love and Respect? If not these, what?


A Husband: "I came to the conclusion that you have come to after suffering through multiple adulterous (emotional and physical) relationships she has had. . . . I have loved her unconditionally out of thanks and gratitude for what He [God] has done for me. I am NOT legalistic. I am thankful for everything He has done for me. He is directing my steps, which is why I am able to love her unconditionally. He is why I have forgiven her even though she has NOT asked for me to forgive her. I have put her indiscretion on God's hook to address, as He is the one who will judge her on judgment day. I have been able to see that God allowed everything to occur so that I can depend on Him more completely."


A Spouse: "My conclusion is that I take what I have learned from you and wholeheartedly and with absolute resolve and understanding, apply it. . . . My prayer is that we will be able to effectively model Christian love and respect. . . . I am thankful for the new love God has provided in my life. Your book has encouraged me to acknowledge my past mistakes, ask for forgiveness, learn from them, and move on."


A Spouse: "I have been angry, frustrated, confused, depressed, and even considered an affair over a year ago. I am grateful that the Lord kept me from destroying our marriage. Through these difficult emotions, I have also been in prayer and Bible studies. . . . I am thankful for finally receiving answers and am thankful that more answers will be coming. . . . I have learned how to find my significance in Christ."


A Spouse: "I just want you to know how thankful I am, and how excited I am to see how God will work in my marriage through my desire for change and humility. I have been a very prideful person in the past. I am thankful that this is changing. Even if [my spouse] doesn’t respond, I am thankful for what is happening in my life."

A Wife: "I know now that my attitude toward him must be 'as unto the Lord.' I couldn't have

done this a year ago—my heart was too hurt and too hard. I am thankful for all the ways ‘respect’ has been changing me for the better."


A Spouse: "You have given me the hope and encouragement I really needed to keep going with this and I am thankful for that."


A Marine: "I am presently going through a Love and Respect class and it’s amazing how often I have it wrong with my own wife. I have led Marines, served as a manager in many capacities, and yet I have missed the boat on so many other areas with my wife. I am thankful for this video."


A Wife: "I am so excited to put my knowledge to use! I know things won't be perfect, but now I know how to handle things differently; how to treat him and respect him and I am not even finished with the book! God has a miraculous way of doing things in people’s lives, and I have been learning lately to just put all my faith in God and let God be in control. Your book ended up in my hands because it was God's will . . . and I am thankful for that."

A Pastor: "I am a pastor and have walked folks through Love and Respect with amazing results. The book has so many simple, transferable, powerful, and biblical truths. I am thankful for the book."


A Conference Attendee: “As we began to listen to you, we realized that intellectually it all makes sense and how you were explaining the way God has made man and woman so different became so clear. We both commented at one point to each other, ‘Why have we never heard this explained in this way?!’ Soon my heart began to soften toward my husband, to which I am thankful for. During the past several weeks, I have watched the both of us notice and begin to turn around danger zones in our communication. Has there been any big change in the circumstances surrounding our challenges that used to spark arguments? No. The miraculous has happened and God has exposed not only the disrespect and unloving attitudes but the respect and love that we do have for each other. The most profound analogy I remember from the conference was your illustration of Jesus standing behind the person you are beginning to react unloving or disrespectful toward. I have used that visual image ever since.”

Do you have reasons to be thankful for the Love and Respect message revealed in Ephesians 5:33?

-Dr. E

Emerson Eggerichs, Ph.D.
Author, Speaker, Pastor

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