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Make Communication Easier for Your Spouse

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This episode explores the importance of making communication easier for your spouse. Starting with a testimony from a wife, Emerson and Jonathan then provide two case studies to illustrate practical ways to improve communication. The conversation looks at how misinterpretations and inferences can lead to communication problems.They emphasize the importance of expressing needs clearly and avoiding hurtful comments while decoding each other's messages and offer practical ways to improve communication.

As you listen...

1. How do you typically react when you feel misunderstood or when your spouse misinterprets your words or actions? Based on what is said, are there ways you could improve your communication in these moments?  

2. Do you express your deepest heart clearly to avoid misunderstandings? What are some practical ways you can work on expressing your feelings and needs more effectively to your spouse?

Emerson Eggerichs, Ph.D.
Author, Speaker, Pastor
Jonathan Eggerichs, Psy.D.

Questions to Consider

  1. Would you agree with the majority who said the biggest problem affecting marriages is communication? What specific communication problems do you and your spouse deal with?
  2. Have you ever inferred incorrectly what your spouse was communicating to you? How did the misunderstanding affect the situation?
  3. Men, do you agree with Emerson’s assessment that your silence is often meant to express that you feel disrespected? Women, do you agree that oftentimes your “complaining” to your husband is your way of trying to communicate that you are not feeling very loved at that time? Why or why not?
  4. What did you learn about making communication easier for your spouse? What one thing do you envision doing?

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