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Intimacy in Marriage: I Need You and You Need Me... I Have Your Back and You Have My Back

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In this episode the importance of expressing and responding to needs and vulnerabilities in marriage is discussed by Emerson and Jonathan. They emphasize the biblical basis for saying "I need you" and "I have your back" to your spouse. They also address the challenges and fears that can arise when discussing these sensitive topics. The conversation highlights the need for mutual understanding, communication, and support in meeting each other's needs to achieve win-win in marriage.

Emerson Eggerichs, Ph.D.
Author, Speaker, Pastor
Jonathan Eggerichs, Psy.D.

Questions To Consider

  1. How does the expectation of meeting each other's needs in a marriage, especially in the realm of sexual intimacy, align with the biblical notion of couples being joined together by God for a greater purpose?
  2. What potential pitfalls arise when couples fail to communicate their needs and vulnerabilities openly and empathetically, leading to misunderstandings and conflicts in their relationship dynamics?
  3. In what ways can the biblical principles of mutual support and understanding, such as "I need you, and you need me" and "I have your back and you have my back," contribute to fostering a harmonious and fulfilling marriage?
  4. How do misconceptions and misinterpretations of vulnerability and confession within a marital relationship impact the ability to support each other effectively and grow together spiritually and emotionally?

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