What I Know Now: New Dads, Put Pegs in the Floor

What I Know Now: New Dads, Put Pegs in the Floor

In case you’re just joining us, we’re in the last leg of the What I Know Now series.

As The Illumination Project (a 6-week study) was released this month, one of the main points I try to drive home is for all of us to seek wise counsel. So this series is another example of doing that—I ask my parents to share what they would tell themselves at different life stages. We’ve heard some great stories from when they were single and when they were newlyweds and now…

…when they became my parents. (AKA, the best years of their lives)

Papa E is giving advice to all you dads out there who hope to form strong connections with your daughters.

His suggestion? Tell her that you love her, even when she’s an angsty teen who thinks the bedroom floor is her closet. (OTHER THAN THAT, I WAS THE PERFECT CHILD.)

Questions to Consider:

Parents, what additional advice can you give to dads raising girls?

Children, what advice can YOU give of what worked/didn’t work with your dads?