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What Burdens You As A Parent?

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What burdens you as a parent? Would you read below and tell Emerson if this meets a felt need you have as a parent?

Is the following relevant or irrelevant to you? Your feedback really helps us!

In the Bible, there is a plan to parent God’s way.

When we parent His way, we succeed in His eyes.

The Love and Respect Parenting Conference explains God’s revelation to moms and dads.

We integrate the best research that God enables us to know about the relationship between parent and child.

We begin and end with what the Bible says about parenting.

We provide parents with God’s game plan when things get crazy! That plan begins with two foundational truths:

  1. Parents need respect.
  2. Kids need love.

Parents need and want the respect that Scripture plainly says is their due. “Honor your father and your mother” (Exodus 20:12) is one of many passages where children are clearly told to honor and respect their parents. And children need and want the love and sensitive understanding that Scripture teaches parents to give them. See Titus 2:4, Ephesians 6:4 and Colossians 3:21 for just a few examples of where parental responsibilities are mentioned or described.

This conference is about the transforming power of love and respect between parent and child.

Consider this verse (Malachi 4:6):

Elijah will teach parents how to love their children. He will also teach children how to honor their parents. If that does not happen, I will come. And I will put a curse on the land.

At the Love and Respect Parenting Conference, you will learn to:

  • See love and respect as basic family needs.
  • Stop the Family Crazy Cycle: without love a child reacts without respect, and without respect a parent reacts with love.
  • Parent in six biblical ways called, “G-U-I-D-E-S,” which will energize your children.
  • Discipline defiance and overlook childishness.
  • Work as a team according to the gender of the children.
  • Be a loving parent in God’s eyes regardless of a child’s response.
  • Focus beyond the child to Christ.
  • Discern God’s pleasure with you as a parent separate from your child.

We will:

  • Validate a parent’s need for respect.
  • Show you how to deal with the feeling of being disrespected.
  • Explain how to handle childish immaturity and irresponsibility.
  • Show how to decode when a child needs to feel love.
  • Show how to defuse negative reactions.
  • Reveal God’s ultimate reason for parenting.
  • Try to get you to laugh. (Actually, we guarantee this will happen).

-Dr. E

Emerson Eggerichs, Ph.D.
Author, Speaker, Pastor

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