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Christian Life
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Webinar - The Heart of My Communication

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Have you ever paused to ponder three things about your communication?

  1. What do your words communicate beyond what you say with your mouth?
  2. Why do your words resonate long after you've spoken your last, actually shaping part of your eternal legacy?
  3. Who could be most moved and influenced by the words you choose to express, even if you feel inadequate as a communicator?

Dive into the significance of your words across three dimensions according to Scripture. Uncover a simple yet profound truth about what causes us to say what we say, which, when discovered, serves us for a lifetime. Learn that your words count to God more than the works of Plato, Aristotle, Shakespeare, Dickens, Twain, or Austen. And that's no joke. Truly, God hears you because you matter. And discover that your words can be so influential that those who hear you are pulled in by what you speak, even if they act as though they are not listening.

Join me as we explore the depth and impact of our words in three realms that may have been hidden from some of us.

Emerson Eggerichs, Ph.D.
Author, Speaker, Pastor

Questions to Consider

  1. How often do we consciously consider the power and potential consequences of our words before we speak, especially in moments of irritation or disagreement?
  2. Considering the impact of our words on others and the deeper emotions they may reveal, how can we cultivate a greater awareness of our own internal struggles and express them constructively in our relationships?
  3. Have you ever considered that the words you speak not only reflect your heart but also affect the very heart of God?
  4. How might our relationships be transformed if we approached every conversation with the intention of speaking truthfully, kindly, necessarily, and clearly?