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Removing The Log…part 2

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Last time, Bill shared how he learned the true meaning of unconditional love for his wife by discovering the log of self-righteousness in his own eye. I challenged you to take a look at your own “logs.”

How did you do?

Here’s another story of what can happen when we obey the practical command in Ephesians 5:33. The power of God can be unleashed to do miraculous things!

I heard your broadcast about respecting your husband.... I was truly convicted. I am a believer in Christ but my husband was not. I realized that I certainly showed him that I loved him, but I seldom showed that I respected him; one reason: I thought I "had one up on him" since I was a Christian.

I often resented some of the major decisions he made, telling him that he was wrong because he didn't pray about such important matters, therefore he wasn't using wisdom, and therefore he was wrong. I didn't stand with him on the decisions that he made, mostly concerning our finances.

He has always been a great husband and father, but every chance I got to tell him he was wrong, I did. Anyway... when my husband came home that night, I told him that I was sorry for not standing with him. I told him I may not believe everything he did was right, but I did believe in him.

After hearing you, every chance I got to tell or show my respect for my husband, I did… Because of the change in my heart and communication, doors were open in my husband's heart for God to enter. I am happy to say that after less than three weeks of this change in ME, my husband asked Jesus to come into his life!! Nine years of praying for God to change HIM was insignificant because all along it was God's plan to change ME. Words cannot thank you enough for bringing this Holy Spirit inspired message about respect to me. God bless you and your ministry. (Anonymous)

Fellow believers, you and I have a great responsibility in representing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This includes how we behave in our marriage!

I’d love to hear how you removed a log from your own eye recently…and what happened when you did!


Emerson Eggerichs, Ph.D.
Author, Speaker, Pastor

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