How Do I Convince My Husband To Go To A Love and Respect Conference?


Question: How do I convince my husband to go to a Love and Respect conference? He does not want to have anything to do with counseling or marriage help, and we need it desperately. [featured-image]

Answer: You can respectfully ask him (or write in a note) something like this:

“Would you be willing to join me in attending the Love and Respect conference, led by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs? Sarah Eggerichs, Emerson’s wife, says, ‘This conference is the conference men want to attend.'

“However, I do know that men get beat up at some of these events, so if you decline, I'll understand. I am planning to go because I have also heard that this conference especially challenges wives to learn how to be more respectful of their husbands, which is why it is called Love and Respect.

“I know I have made a lot of mistakes and I want to learn about how I can change. Emerson reveals to wives that men have an honor code among them that women simply ignore. Though they are motivated to serve and die for honor, the feminist culture has scoffed at the idea of respecting men simply because they are men. But I want to learn about this honor code you have.

“Well, I'd love for you to attend but if you don't, I understand."

-Dr. E