A Poem on Mother’s Day

A Poem on Mother’s Day

A good friend of mine, Scott Walchek, wrote this poem on Mother's Day. I loved it! I hope you do too. He captured my feelings about my mom.

A Mother’s Druthers

If you had your druthers,
All of you mothers,
What would you rather be?

A princess quite noble?
A corporate “she-mogul”?
Lawyer, professor, MD?

You could walk with world kings!
Dispense wise utt’rings
Your renown piled high as the sky

You could scale tall peaks
And entertain sheiks
Traveling hither and nigh

Of course, on a stage,
Your talents could shine
Acting and singing to fame

They’d stand in ovation!
You’d sweep all the nation!
The papers would herald your name

Oh, how grand it would be
You’d be fancy free!
Just think of the hours you’d sleep.

Free of kids' cries,
Your car with no fries!
And your coif you could perfectly keep

No stretch-marks, no babies
No messes, no “maybes”
Just you and your dreams to come true

Pursuit without strife...
Ah! Such order! Such life!
Is that what you’d rather do?

All these and much more!
Your life could afford.
Independence, finally you’d see!

So, had you your druthers,
All of you mothers,
Is that what you'd rather be?

Be it choice or Design
Your life gave me mine
Our path none could foresee

But I’m grateful, dear mother
‘Cuz-of all of your druthers
My “Mom” is what you chose to be