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Christian Life
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What Should I Do If I Chose Not to Follow the Lord's Unique Will?

Emerson discusses the importance of listening to God's voice and following His will for our lives. He explains that we can hear God's voice through scripture and through personal circumstances and concerns. Emerson provides examples of how people have chosen not to listen to God's voice and the consequences they faced. He also emphasizes the possibility of returning to God's will and aligning with His universal will.

Questions to Consider

  1. Reflecting on the instances mentioned, have there been times in your life when you felt the nudging of God's voice, but chose not to follow His leading? What were the circumstances, and how did it impact your life?
  2. Consider the concept of hearing God's voice through various channels, such as scripture, circumstances, and the inner promptings of your heart. Which of these channels do you find most influential in discerning God's will for your life?
  3. Emerson emphasizes the possibility of returning to God's will, even if unique opportunities were missed in the past. How do you interpret the idea of aligning with God's universal will as a way to step back into the most important part of His plan for you?
  4. Emerson mentions the practice of giving thanks in all circumstances as a part of God's universal will. How can cultivating a spirit of gratitude contribute to aligning with God's overarching plan for your life?