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Emerson Eggerichs here with Love and Respect Ministries.

Thank you for signing up for "The 15-Day Plan."

Here’s what you can expect from me:

You will be given seven questions and tasks to complete. For now I want you to do these in order. These tasks have been proven to help marriages if done.

Every other day you will receive an email reminding you of the next video lesson. You will simply click the link and watch or read the content whether you were given free access or through your membership for that days lesson which will also include a specific question and task—a task that has been proven to help a marriage. The first lesson reminder will come via email tomorrow!

You will receive seven emails over the fifteen days. In other words, you will do seven things over fifteen days.

**This Is for the Individual, Not Couple

The Plan is designed for the husband and wife to work on individually, not for couples to sign up and do together. However, if you do discuss with your spouse, or they express an interest, etc. you can both access here. There is no need for separate signup or purchase unless you choose that. Obviously you will share a login if done this way, but you do the Plan individually even if sharing access.

Each action item is designed to put you in a position of influence over the spirit of your spouse, who, as you will see, wants to be influenced this way!

This Works

As a pastor and counselor who has sought to help people for over forty years, I know this information will guide and inspire you. My wife, Sarah, and I have been married since 1973 and we know this information works.

The Two Ingredients

Why is this important to do? We know good folks like yourself can overlook the TWO FACTORS that enable a marriage to succeed. What are they? Love and Respect! Just as we all need food and water to live a happy life, every marriage must have these two key ingredients to thrive and survive. Though marriage is more than Love and Respect as life is more than food and water, a marriage cannot be happy without these two anymore than you can be happy without food and water. Over these 15 days (7 lessons), we will focus on these two ingredients that must be present to strengthen, refresh, and heal your marriage.

In Order to Move Forward

Granted, if you have been married for a decade or three and your spouse is bitter toward you, this won't heal all wrongs, but research confirms that the ideas presented to you are the foundational ideas necessary to move the relationship forward. Without these two ingredients, you cannot move forward, and that's a fact. You will learn that when you act on one of these ideas, the spirit of your spouse will notice and in all probability respond positively in a way that you want, need, and hope. It may be small but you will notice it when you look for it.

For Three Types of Individuals

Who can do this?

  • The Brokenhearted: a person in crisis, filled with pain and uncertainty over the collapse of trust. (I understand. My mom and dad divorced, remarried each other, then separated, and then reunited.)
  • The Enricher: a person desiring to do something different to re-energize and re-direct the marriage.
  • The Newly Married: a person excited about starting off on the right foot and keeping the momentum going.

No matter where you are on the marital spectrum, we will help your marriage.

Holy Grail of Marriage Education?

Eric Metaxas, a multiple New York Times best-selling author, said, "With his Love and Respect concept, Emerson Eggerichs has discovered what can only be described as the Holy Grail of marital counseling. It is an absolutely extraordinary and revolutionary—and utterly biblical—understanding of marriage, and it was under our noses for two thousand years, waiting for us to find it. On behalf of married couples the world over, I am thrilled someone finally did."

Over 2.3 million people have purchased Love and Respect, which made the New York Times best seller list twice, and millions follow us on Facebook, Instagram, etc. This message has impacted and changed individuals and marriages. It can work no matter where you fall on the marital spectrum.

Thank you for joining me on this educational journey. Let's begin. Please say to yourself, "I'm going to do the the 7 things with God's help!"

We are praying for you! There is help, health, and healing.

Email plan@loveandrespect.com with your feedback or questions. Sometimes there is a personal response but often the feedback or questions proves useful in providing answers everyone can benefit from (e.g. an Ask Emerson video, an article, or a podcast).

With Love and Respect,

Emerson Eggerichs, Ph.D.

Founder and President of Love and Respect

P.S.—My mom separated from my dad for several years because of my dad's rage issues. If you are in harm's way, you need to get out of harm’s way and seek professional help. The lessons are an educational tool, not therapy.

P.P.S. - If at any time inside this product you find an error or have a recommendation, just let us know. Many things are quickly updated or changed with today's technology!

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