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Thousands of single, dating, and pre-married individuals have attended our live Love and Respect Marriage conference. They attend because they realize that what we say from the Bible and the best of research about successful marriages is the game plan for marriage.


Little is said in the Bible to the pre-married. It dawned on me one day that God wanted the pre-married to know what He revealed to the married. For this reason, the classic work called Love & Respect, which looks at every passage in the Bible on marriage, sets forth God’s guidelines to succeed in marriage as He intended. The fact that this book has made it to the New York Times bestseller list twice indicates that this message is life-changing and marriage-changing, and for some churches this is the go-to-book for their pre-marital ministry.

We urge a person or an engaged couple to work through the Love & Respect Workbook as well.

Our daughter Joy, who spent 10 years studying and helping her generation understand how Love and Respect apply to relationships has helped many with her insights on relationships, dating, and marriage. Find out more. Additionally, one of the highlights is when Joy and I spoke to 1300 millennials who showed up to hear a father and daughter address romance. This is the Illumination Project which you must check out, and can see below as well.

With Love & Respect,

Emerson and Sarah