Why Do Some People Hang On To Bitterness? -- Love and Respect Podcast Ep. 053


Jonathan and Emerson look at the underlying reasons why people don't let go of bitterness. Join them this week as they discuss what it means to have a forgiving spirit even in the most difficult of circumstances.

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02:23 – Big announcement!

03:55 – This is a topic many struggle with for many reasons. Is this your story?

06:52 – Our natural response to being hurt, but is there another way?

08:43 – The transient state of responding to offense.

10:45 – Bitterness is understandable but not justifiable.

14:08 – The impact of your family heritage.

18:07 – Leaving bitterness behind does not mean you’re letting the offender off the hook.

21:05 – Intrinsic evil vs. clashing preferences.

23:15 – What it means to have a forgiving spirit.

29:29 – When you forgive, there are two levels of relationship that follow.

32:44 – This is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your faith in Christ.

33:30 – A clear incentive for a believer to forgive and the dangers of refusing to do so.

37:53 – The way bitterness can jeopardize you spiritually.

40:54 – Learn more about forgiveness on the podcast and blog.

42:01 – Emerson’s prayer for you.