What Does Winning The Lottery Have To Do With Marriage And Heaven? Part 2 -- Love and Respect Podcast Ep. 050


In Part 2 of What Does Winning The Lottery Have To Do With Marriage And Heaven?, Emerson and Jonathan continue the discussion about rewarded and unrewarded believers. While difficult concepts are discussed, salient scriptures are examined that pertain to why we do what we do as Christians when it comes to marriage, parenting, and beyond.

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00:56 – Where did the idea of this podcast come from?

03:30 – Need that perfect wedding gift?

06:36 – The meaning of glory and how it relates to you and your marriage.

10:12 – Rewarded versus unrewarded believers.

14:47 – Watch yourself in this.

17:02 – What your current behavior says about your heart and faith.

18:36 – Be encouraged – you have not committed the unpardonable sin if you’re troubled by it.

20:16 – Let the law of grace be your incentive.

21:09 – “Whatever you do” applies to every one of these situations.

24:46 – Encouraging or intimidating?

25:20 – You will be rewarded when you act toward others “as unto the Lord.”

28:13 – Your inheritance has nothing to do with your irritating spouse.

30:40 – Emerson wraps up with a review and a challenge.

35:05 – A prayer that you can pray, too.