Top 7 Posts of 2014 + A Giveaway!


Sarah and I want to thank you for following us on Facebook, reading the blog articles, watching the videos, listening to the podcasts and replying with your great comments! You bless us. Thank you, too, for telling others about our live conferences and resources. Because you are credible, your family and friends trust you and respond.

In 2015, Lord willing, we intend to continue to offer free content to you for your personal edification and to serve others. We’ve highlighted below just a few of the blog posts that received extraordinary traffic this past year. If you’ve never read these, please do.

We hope you have a blessed holiday (Holy Day!) and a Happy New Year.

Oh, did I tell you that we have a new granddaughter, Ada Joy Marie?  We are blessed!

7. Is It Wrong To Live Together Before Marriage?

6. 5 Possible Reasons A Wife Feels Her Husband Hates Her

5. The Impact of Seeking A Child’s Forgiveness

4. How to Love Again

3. Parent of Fear or Parent of Faith?

2. Do You React or Respond In Conflict?

1. Three Steps to Forgiveness


As I mentioned, did you know we also started a podcast? Each week my son (a clinical psychologist) and I discuss how Love and Respect can be played out in all relationships, whether in the family, the workplace or in marriage. Below are our top three most-downloaded podcasts since the launch last summer.

3. Six Statements That Inflame a Wife When She’s Already Upset

2. Learning to Love Again

1. The Crazy Cycle

Since we have shifted our focus to offering you more content for FREE, we have also launched a free app where you can access all of our content in convenient place. The app is available for your iOS, Android, or Windows devices.

Last, but certainly not least, we are now able to offer the Live Marriage Conference to anyone and everyone regardless of where you live. You can now stream all 6 hours of our live conference in HD online!

Again, thank you so much for being a part of this community!