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Is Your Wife Disagreeing with You Because She Rejects Your Spiritual Leadership?

Most wives I have met actually do long for their husbands to be the spiritual leader of their family. They are not resisting his leadership; they truly do believe it's biblical. However, they fear that he will not take their opinions into consideration.

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She Wants Him to Lead, So Why Doesn’t He?

Even though men and women are equal in the eyes of God, Scripture is clear that God has charged men with being the family’s spiritual leader (1 Corinthians 11:3; 1 Peter 3:1; Ephesians 5:22). I have found among most wives who follow Christ that not only do they not resist this biblical mandate but they actually hold a deep desire for their husbands to be the spiritual leader.  

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What Do I Do Now? When Being the Mature One Doesn't Seem to Help

Oftentimes, a husband or wife recognizes where he or she has not been loving or respecting their spouse as they should and honestly seeks to be intentional about getting off the constant Crazy Cycle they feel they have been spinning on for a large part of their marriage. They make significant changes in their previously harsh and unloving tones and words, they pursue peace with their spouse at all times instead of seeking only their own will, and they learn how to better communicate to their spouse’s pink or blue “hearing aids.”

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A Wife Does Not Recognize What Her Complaints and Criticisms Do

Can you relate at all with the following scenario? A husband says to himself early in the marriage, "I'll pray with her and we can be in a Bible study together with other couples.”
As the months pass, he experiences something that de-energizes him: Immediately after one of their regular prayer times together, his wife comments, "You forgot to pray for my mother who isn’t feeling well." After another prayer time a short time later, she accused him, "You didn't pray for me. Do you ever pray for me?" Then a couple weeks later, after their couples Bible study one night she says to her husband, "I can't believe you said what you did to Mary about her son swinging from the rafters at church and needing a time-out. She is struggling as a mother. That was insensitive.”

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My Wife Is Leaving Me

This post was also published as a podcast a couple of weeks ago. Check it out HEREWhy does it take the crisis of a wife leaving before a husband awakens to the bad behaviors that caused her to exit? Listen to Greg’s awakening and confession. My wife and I have been separated for 4 months now. I changed into a horrible man after we became married and did not handle many things right. I said many horrible and hurtful things to her and broke her heart. . . . The day she left, I found God. . . . He touched my heart and took my anger, frustration away. I have been working on me ever since to become a better man, better than I was even when we fell in love. She filed for divorce a month ago. I cannot sign the papers. . . . I really need my family back, my marriage and my wife's love again. He humbly confesses the horrible and hurtful things he did to break her heart.

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Husbands, Wake Up Before It's Too Late! - Part 2

Did you catch Part 1 of this series? If not, read that first and then return to Part 2. This husband had stepped over the cliff and was hanging in mid-air.

Did he realize it? Would he wake up in time?

The husband from Part 1 continues his story by saying,

“...My wife put on a happy face for the sake of our children, but inside she was hurting. She basically cried to me to never do it again--she was begging for my love and I let her down.

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The Spiritual Leadership of a Husband -- Love and Respect Podcast Ep. 022

Today's godly woman yearns for her husband to be a spiritual leader. The number one complaint among godly wives IS NOT, "My husband isn't treating me equally."  The broader complaint is, "My husband isn't the spiritual leader." Emerson and Jonathan discuss the topic of men being spiritual leaders within the home in this week's episode.

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Can I Live Happily With My Wife? [Video]

A soldier who trains Army Rangers read Love & Respect. “I saw the ways I had mistreated my wife - ways I didn't mean. I saw things I had said, little things that didn't matter to me. I saw how it affected my wife. I finally understood why my wife felt so confused and hurt. I read more and applied what I learned. I asked God to give me loving words.

“She responded. I could feel the hurt and sadness ease."

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Do You Want a Better Wife?

We are so grateful for this powerful testimony from Dr. Bill Enslow.  Bill and Heather are the parents of 7 children and are deacons in their church. They have shared the message of Love and Respect through small groups, retreats, and conferences in their church and community. What a blessing they are to us! Read about how God showed Bill that he needed to focus on himself more than on his wife, Heather. 

I was going to be a real spiritual husband.

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A Husband Finds the Log in His Own Eye - Part 1

This testimony prompted deep gratefulness in my heart! My wife and I were born into families that did not necessarily set us up for success. We married in between our junior and senior year of undergrad (college). I loved my wife dearly, but by far spent more of my time thinking about the “husband is the head of the home” scriptures.

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Two Simple Things That Speak Romance to Her

Men, you may not be as romantic as your wife (you sleep during the movie Sleepless in Seattle), but you are a man of honor, and a man of honor discerns the desires in the heart of his wife. Let me recommend two things that feed the romance for her: she needs predictable face to face time with you and she wants periodic surprises.

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Marriage Maintenance

Recently I came across a blog entry written by a woman who communicated so effectively the mutual fear couples often experience related to a husband’s spiritual leadership and authority. She nails it! So this week I’m honored to share a portion of her blog, with her permission. Thank you, Bekka!

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Decision Making in Marriage: A Hot Button Topic? Part One

Recently I received an email question from a colleague who has a vital ministry in the marriage arena. I found his question most interesting and worthy of careful consideration. I’d like to share his email with you followed by my response, over the next few days.

My friend writes:


I am dealing with a tough topic

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