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Your Selfishness as a Spouse Has a Three-Fold Negative Effect

No reasonable parent would defend a selfish child who is refusing to share any of his toys with his siblings. Similarly, few are the people who would not be bothered by a selfish business owner who was not wanting to share any of the company’s abundant profits with the hardworking employees who made it all possible. In almost any situation, selfishness is not something people will stand for.

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Can We Manipulate Each Other with the Love and Respect Teaching?

Though God commands the husband to love and a wife to respect, a strange twist might take place.               A wife puts on respect for one reason: to get her husband to be loving.

A husband puts on love solely to get his wife to respect him.

One pastor who wrote me shared his concerns fearing this very thing: that husbands and wives will manipulate each other when applying love and respect based on Ephesians 5:33:

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