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Where Is My Prince Charming?

Thanks to Hollywood movies, cartoons, and romance novels women grow up with an expectation that they will be rescued by Prince Charming. Elizabeth wrote us about her disappointment that her husband was not her knight in shining armor, yet her need for one was very real.

Unrealistic Desires

Every woman has a desire for the Cinderella theory, but then they learn to accept that it is just a fantasy. They decide that their desire is unrealistic and must be buried and forgotten.

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I Don't Like My Spouse Anymore...Help!

Have you ever felt that you didn’t need to like or even love your spouse in order to stay married? Jacki shares her thoughts on that and how God changed her heart…and then her marriage. I just had to make the day to day work.

For many years my husband and I would get caught up in the crazy cycle. Of course we didn't realize it at all and both just assumed that this was married life. I mean, marriage is hard right? Happily ever after is only a fairy tale. When it comes to marriage we do the best we can, and try to make the best out of the results.

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How to Get the Hell Out of Your Marriage

Have you ever felt like there is so much hell in your marriage that it’s utterly hopeless? That leaving is the ONLY solution? Well, here’s a true story of a marriage that by all accounts was finished. In fact, this couple titled their testimony “How to Get the Hell Out of Your Marriage” after the Devil almost destroyed them. Michelle and Nathan have given us permission to share their incredible story of healing.

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When I Don’t Feel Like It

A Testimony from Kim…When I am feeling lonely, discouraged, frustrated, and disrespected in my marriage, and totally unloved by my husband (of twenty five years), I focus on God's command to respect him ANYWAY. I focus on the truth that my respect will bless my husband ....regardless of whether or not he responds with the love I need from him. I remind myself that I am to respect him in every sense of the word…I know that God is blessed by my obedience. I know that He smiles and blesses me when I trust Him with my heart and feelings. In those moments, I know that my reward will be in heaven.

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A Note to the Women from Sarah…

As a Pastor’s wife for nearly 20 years, I have a real heart for all the women out there who are working hard to “do it all.” I know women are strong and can handle a lot. But I also know we become burdened by all that isn’t perfect in our relationships: with our husbands, our children, or – for those who aren’t yet married - your boyfriends.

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YOU Can Make A Difference!

We are in the middle of our busy fall conference season. While living out of suitcases and hotels is not everyone’s idea of fun, we are always filled with wonder and awe at God’s faithfulness as we get to experience changed lives. And when we receive a letter like this one – telling how a couple went on to share this transforming message with their friends, family and community after their own marriage was changed – well, nothing is more rewarding!

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