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Whatever Happened, You Can Still Move Forward as a Love and Respect Team

Have you ever meditated on 1 Corinthians 7:11, which says, ". . . (but if she does leave, she must remain unmarried, or else be reconciled to her husband), and that the husband should not divorce his wife"? What's the backstory to this verse? Paul does not mention adultery or abandonment in this text—the two traditional justifications for biblical divorce—so it is safe to infer that biblical grounds for divorce are not in play here. He simply says that the husband is not to divorce and the wife should not marry someone else in the event that she leaves her husband.

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My Marriage Was Over

Ange & her husband were first introduced to the message of Love & Respect from our video series several years ago. They hosted their first Love & Respect Marriage Conference in 2010 and it was a hit! While promoting the conference that year Ange invited a lady named Kristen from her daughter's preschool to attend the conference. They didn't really know each other but Ange isn’t shy and casually mentioned it to her. Here’s Kristen’s story: I was living in a bad dream.

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My Wife’s Affair Devastated Me

Many people carry issues from their upbringing into their marriages. We can easily justify why we act or react to a situation, yet we judge how our spouse acts or reacts. Unfortunately, that approach never works to change a spouse.

Read how one man decided to look at himself and cry out to God for help. What happened to him may inspire you!

We had a rocky start.

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When All Hope Was Gone…a Husband Loves His Wife Back

If we listen to the culture, we could feel pretty hopeless about marriage. But those of us who are Christ followers, have HOPE – as the Johnson’s shared in my last blog. Allow me to share one more hope story…this time from a husband who had thrown his marriage away by failing to deal with his sin.

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Trust God to Work

Perhaps the major problem that keeps so many couples somewhere between the Crazy Cycle and the Energizing Cycle is the fear that, even though they try to practice the Love and Respect Connection, it won’t work. Or, that they will be the only one in the marriage trying, and their spouse won’t reciprocate.

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Can a Mate Choose the Dark Side?

A question I often ask the couples I counsel is, “In general, is your spouse getting up in the morning with the purpose of trying to displease you or show you a lack of concern? Is your spouse intending to be unloving or disrespectful?” For the most part, couples answered, “No, I wouldn’t be so strong as to say my spouse is premeditating evil.” “So,” I pressed, “even though on occasion your spouse can be nasty or selfish, you are married to a person who has basic goodwill toward you?” Almost all the couples answer the same: “Yes.”

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