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How Are Your Marital Decisions Affecting Your Lineage?

We all know that the choices we make today will affect our tomorrow. A little bit of overtime today can give us the money we need for those new shoes at the mall tomorrow. Or eating the extra slice of pound cake before bed might give us a tummy ache in the early morning.

Good or bad, we make our choices and own up to their consequences. What we don’t think about, however, nearly as much as we should is how the choices we make today not only affect our tomorrow, but possibly many others’ tomorrows as well.

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What Will Your Children Say At Your Funeral?

As our children were growing up, we often stopped at cemeteries on a long road trip to let the kids get some exercise or to deal with sibling conflict. That may sound like a morbid place to do such earthly things, but the kids enjoyed reading the epitaphs, names and dates. It made for some great conversations and teaching moments.

It’s so interesting that to this day our daughter Joy has a love of cemeteries. In fact, she lives a block away from her favorite one and almost daily walks through it to talk to God and think about life ….and the reality of death.

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