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Should a Spouse Aim for Being “Reasonably Happy” in a Marriage?

By far, one of the most rewarding aspects of being a part of Love and Respect is hearing from others about their relationships. Whether it is in person, at a conference or in an e-mail exchange, it is always a blessing to learn how others are trying to strengthen their marriage and work through tough issues that unfortunately many in this world simply allow to divide them further from their spouse.

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Feel Stupid and Wrong? Part 2: Don’t Let It Define You

When we feel stupid and wrong in the marriage, we can draw conclusions about ourselves that are untrue in the eyes of God and react in ways that wont remedy the pain. In part 1 we discussed a husband who felt that the remedy for his situation was divorce. Now hear from a wife who felt stupid up against her brilliant husband and began to believe the lie that she really was stupid and wrong.

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Do Your Children Determine Your Self Worth?

I remember sitting on my deck many years ago very discouraged as a mother. One of my children had made a bad decision. Well, make that two children. I won't go into the details or their identity but it was uncanny that these two situations were almost more than I could bear at the time. And they were totally unrelated.

A lot of questions went through my mind and heart that day.

Would this determine my self worth?

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