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Your Selfishness as a Spouse Has a Three-Fold Negative Effect

No reasonable parent would defend a selfish child who is refusing to share any of his toys with his siblings. Similarly, few are the people who would not be bothered by a selfish business owner who was not wanting to share any of the company’s abundant profits with the hardworking employees who made it all possible. In almost any situation, selfishness is not something people will stand for.

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What Do You Believe About God's Revelation?

When I became a believer as a young man, I came across certain scriptures that shaped my thinking. Not only have these verses instilled in me an excitement that the God of the universe has not remained silent but instead has spoken loud and clear, but it has also been affirmed for me that the Scriptures are not the mere words of men that I may pick and choose what I want to believe and follow.

May I ask you if any scriptures have developed in you the same worldview?

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Our Position in Christ, Part 1

As a child of God who has confessed your sins and chosen to follow Jesus, have you ever asked yourself what all exactly this means? How did this decision change your identity? How did it change your position, now, here on earth and in eternity? Because of your belief in what Jesus Christ did on the cross for you, it is extremely important that you recognize exactly how God the Father now views you and what this means for you personally.

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Why Does God Not Answer Your Question, “Why God?” [Video]

We will always have unanswered questions in this life and they can cause us to shut down on God, at which point we block the Lord from working in our lives. We all have our box labeled, “Why, God?” and in that box are the things that haunt, goad or discourage us.

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Are You Praying For God’s Purpose In Your Marriage?

Though you are not experiencing as much fulfillment in your marriage as you expect, can you experience fulfillment from doing God’s purpose in your marriage? Have you ever prayed about discovering God’s purpose for you in the marriage apart from your spouse?

PRAY: Father, forgive me for thinking in the midst of this marital pain and struggle that my life is lacking purpose.

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