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Your Spouse’s Weaknesses Call for Your Sympathy, Not Your Condemnation

Does weakness equal unrighteousness? More specifically, though your spouse may disappoint you by failing to be the person you want or need them to be—revealing their weakness—does that mean they are actually sinning against you—revealing morally objectionable behavior?

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Ask a Different Question: How (Bad) Good Is Your Marriage?

How bad is your marriage? What bothers you at this very moment concerning your spouse? Is your husband stonewalling you? Is your wife complaining far too much? Is the reverse true?

Do you want your husband to be more romantic? Do you wish your wife would desire to be sexually intimate with you more often than she normally does? Is the reverse true?

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He is Different. She is Different. How Do You Deal With Disappointment?

She is disappointed because she sees him neglecting her heartfelt concerns, even dismissing them in a condescending way. To her, he is too stoic, matter of fact. Furthermore, she cannot believe that he would bark out solutions when she simply needs from him a listening ear and empathetic demeanor. To her, two people who care for each other will "tend, mend, and befriend," and that revolves around what one feels. In her opinion, that is the key to connecting. Two people give the report on what they are feeling to build rapport. This is what marriage is all about—husband and wife talk to discover what they are feeling, and explore those feelings, and stay with the discussion about those feelings until there is a sense of closure and closeness. For a woman, to shut down on such conversations, to declare, “Just drop it and move on; it’s no big deal” is like finger nails down a chalkboard.

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Women, Try Some “Shoulder To Shoulder” Time!

Women often express, "I dream of my husband and me having an emotional connection. I want to know his heart and feelings, and for him to know mine. I want him to listen to me and understand me. I have tried to discuss my needs with him but he doesn’t seem to get it, and I can see him getting discouraged when I surface this issue with him.”

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Sex And Respect

Who has not seen a Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra commercials? What’s going on with men that they feel they need a medicinal boost to their sex drive and performance?

Because of these commercials and the emails I receive from wives, apparently many wives are feeling deprived of sex from their husbands. As much as I point out that most husbands have sexual needs to which wives should respond, Biblically we read, “A husband should satisfy his wife's sexual needs…” (1 Corinthians 7:3 NIrV). Paul then says, “So don't refuse sex to each other” (7:5 CEV). In other words, wives need sex too!

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