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3 Goals in Dating That Lead to a Successful Marriage -- Love and Respect Podcast Ep. 085

This three part series is perfect for anyone who is dating or unmarried, but also for anyone who knows someone that is. Additionally, do you have children or plan on having children? This can help you in your conversations with them about marriage. In thinking about his own daughter's upcoming marriage Emerson composed his thoughts on preparing for marriage, which includes being a mature person, looking for a mature person, and being motivated by Christ's mission as a couple.

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God Joined You Together - What Does This Mean? -- Love and Respect Podcast Ep. 084

Does God intend to direct our steps to one and only one person that He designed from eternity past to be our soul-mate? Join Emerson and Jonathan this week as they discuss the topic of a soul-mate. Whether you are a person looking to get married or have been married for many years but think you married the wrong person, this episode will provide insight.

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You Don’t Have To Be Married To Use Love & Respect

We are thrilled when we receive emails like the one from Laura below. Oftentimes people shy away from a marriage study because they aren’t married. Read how the Love and Respect message has impacted this diverse group of people!

I am no wallflower

My biggest challenge is finding a relationship. I am still single (at 53) and looking for the man the Lord has in store for me. I'm no wallflower.

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Is it Wrong to Live Together Before Marriage?

Q:  I have been in a live-in relationship for a number of years. We have recently been following your love and respect advice because of a crisis, but we are not married and have no marriage plans (due to a lack of trust issue regarding a one-night stand that my boyfriend recently committed). I am a New Believer and am wondering from a spiritual standpoint as to how my relationship is viewed by God's Word. My boyfriend feels that splitting up is not necessary, but I am not sure. Can you shed any light on this for us?

Dr. E says:  Thank you for honestly sharing your situation and your heart.

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One Simple Way to Improve Your Marriage

If I told you one simple thing you could do to improve your marriage, would you do it? As a boy growing up in Peoria, Illinois, I would often ride my bike up and down the street. I can recall one couple I would see often as I rode by. He’d be working under his car in the driveway and she’d be out there sitting on a stool, smoking a cigarette, doing her nails, or just chewing gum. There was no other woman around. He was under the car, and she was saying nothing while he worked.

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How Important is Your Marriage?

June is wedding month. According to a study done by Pew Research, The Wedding Report and the US Census Bureau, the average wedding now costs $27,000. Most of us enjoy attending a beautiful marriage celebration, but have you ever wondered if that young couple who look so happy walking down the aisle intend to invest as much in their marriage as they did in their beautiful wedding?

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Why Stick to the Vow?

Do you recall your wedding vows? The pastor asked you, “Will you have this man to be your husband (this woman to be your wife), to live together in the covenant of marriage? Will you love, comfort, honor, and keep___ in sickness and in health; and, forsaking all others, be faithful as long as you both shall live?” You answered, “I will.”

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