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A Wife Does Not Recognize What Her Complaints and Criticisms Do

Can you relate at all with the following scenario? A husband says to himself early in the marriage, "I'll pray with her and we can be in a Bible study together with other couples.”
As the months pass, he experiences something that de-energizes him: Immediately after one of their regular prayer times together, his wife comments, "You forgot to pray for my mother who isn’t feeling well." After another prayer time a short time later, she accused him, "You didn't pray for me. Do you ever pray for me?" Then a couple weeks later, after their couples Bible study one night she says to her husband, "I can't believe you said what you did to Mary about her son swinging from the rafters at church and needing a time-out. She is struggling as a mother. That was insensitive.”

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How To Respond To People Who Criticize Their Spouse

I received this question from someone: “I am surrounded by acquaintances (and even some relatives) that berate their spouses constantly. It is usually behind their spouse's back, but sometimes it is to their face. I see this as disrespectful, disloyal, and unloving.

What is the best response? Should I tell them how bad this makes them look? I fear for their relationships, too. This behavior may lead to a worse situation.

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I’ve Become a Nag and My Husband Despises Me!

Q: After 19 years of living on the crazy cycle and after months of counseling, I have no hope due to my husband’s narcissism. I talked and talked until I don't want to hear myself. He says I have driven him away and his "friendships" … his criticisms of me have left me wounded and hurt and nagging to just stay together when I know it’s God’s plan for this to not just exist but to thrive as an example to our children of His love. He is ready to file for a divorce because he says he has tried everything and he just despises seeing or hearing my voice...he has shut down. He said he is ready to have a woman to have fun with and to not fight with.

Emerson says:

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A Wife Confronts Because She Cares [Video]

Have you heard comments like this from your wife? - Remember your son’s music recital this Thursday. Please do not miss this one like you did the last one. - My sister is coming for dinner tonight. Can you please act more interested than you usually do when she’s around? Ask her how she is feeling in her new relationship with Sam. - Call your mother this week and talk with her longer than you did the last time. She said you only chatted for about five minutes.

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What Does Unconditional Really Mean?

When I talk about unconditional respect being equal to unconditional love (Ephesians 5:33), one of the questions I hear the most is some variation of, “Are you telling me I have to unconditionally respect my husband’s bad behavior and become a door mat? Everyone knows respect must be earned!”

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