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Teach Your Kids the Family Crazy Cycle!

The Family Crazy Cycle states the following: without love a child reacts without respect, and without respect a parent reacts without love. This cycle triggers itself on and on and on...One way to reduce the spinning is to teach your kids about it. Kids can learn. Draw a circle and write,

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Repeatedly Flipping A Broken Light Switch

Feeling overweight after the holidays, Michelle complains to Adam, her husband.  He listens quietly.  The next day at the bookstore, Adam sees front and center the book, Dieting for the Christian Woman: Post Holiday Menus.  He purchases it.  When he brings it to Michelle she goes ballistic! "I can’t believe you!  This is unreal.  You don’t love me for me but only if I look nice.  You’re despicable!”

Browsing the titles in the marriage section of the bookstore, Kelly is drawn to the book, Talking: the Key to Marital Bliss.  She buys it. 

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