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Why We Should Confess Our Unloving and Disrespectful Comments

If the roles were reversed, we'd expect another to confess to us. If another was mean to us, blamed us for their unkind reactions, made light of their unkindnesses since they meant no harm, and justified or denied their personal unresolved issues contributing to their hostilities and contempt toward us, we'd be up in arms. We'd be saying, "Wow, can't you at least humbly apologize for your part?"

We need to apply the same medicine to ourselves that we recommend to others.

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How to Confront an Addicted Spouse

Q:  My husband is addicted to drugs and it’s destroying our marriage. He refuses to talk about it. What can I do? Dr. E says:  As you know, giving advice through email is not the ideal. I desire to serve you with godly wisdom, yet realize I don't have all the pieces, and have not heard both sides. Please keep this in mind as I attempt to help within these limitations. The first thing I suggest is to seek godly, professional guidance from someone who is for your marriage, but understands addiction. Then I suggest following these 3 steps to incorporate Love & Respect into the process:

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How To Do An About-face In Your Marriage

When a wife owns up to her failures in the marriage and confesses her disrespect and a husband owns up to his failures in the marriage and confesses his lack of love, the two of them can experience an about-face in the marriage. Couples on the edge of divorce have done a 180!

A wife writes, “My husband and I have been married for 16 years. We started out with two little ones

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