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How Do I Convince My Husband To Go To A Love and Respect Conference?

Question: How do I convince my husband to go to a Love and Respect conference? He does not want to have anything to do with counseling or marriage help, and we need it desperately.
Answer: You can respectfully ask him (or write in a note) something like this: “Would you be willing to join me in attending the Love and Respect conference, led by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs? Sarah Eggerichs, Emerson’s wife, says, ‘This conference is the conference men want to attend.'“

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24/7 Marriage Assistance- The Love & Respect Marriage Conference is Now Online!

Could you use some marriage assistance? Have you ever wished your counselor was available 24/7? We have something we think is even better.

The Love and Respect Marriage Conference is Now Online 24/7!

V.O.D. -  Video on Demand!

Via online streaming you can…

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We Believe in Miracles!

“Our Marriage is Like a Dream…It’s a Miracle! And only with God’s guidance in His Word and from your Love and Respect series has this been possible.”“The changes in my marriage are so drastic that it can only be attributed to a miracle…and my children will be blessed because of it. This truly does make a difference for generations to come.” “God has used this message to transform us and our marriage. We are amazed at the miracle and work He is doing in us individually and in our marriage.”

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A Child Will Lead Them

My mom always testified that I was instrumental in her coming to Christ. Because I came to Christ at age 16, before my mother, and because I expressed interest in going into the ministry, mom decided to join a Bible study. She figured she needed to know the Bible since I was entering the ministry. At that Bible study, mom found Christ. Mom credited me. She would often quote to others Isaiah 11:6 " a … child will lead them."

At moments, children lead their parents.

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