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The Adultery of a Husband Equals the Treason of a General

Sadly, over the years I have received many emails from husbands who have committed the worst of marital offenses—adultery. Fortunately, those writing me are doing so because they have confessed their sins to their wives, as well as to God, have repented of their iniquities, and have recommitted themselves to the sacred vow they had previously made to their wife. However, just because they have made such strides does not mean their wife has accepted them fully back, and they often write me and ask for advice in navigating through this desert of distrust from their wife.

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After An Affair Is Ongoing Contact With the Other Person Ok? -- Love and Respect Podcast Ep. 081

Over the years Emerson has received hundred of emails regarding affairs, often from the betrayed spouse asking what they should do. Both Emerson and Jonathan have also listened to countless stories of infidelity as they counsel individuals and couples.  Join them this week as they explore a response Emerson wrote to a man who wondered if he was handling things correctly following an affair. This message is applicable for husband and wife, both the betrayed and the betrayer.

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A Wife Won Her Husband: His Testimony

I wish to sing the praises of the wife described below by her husband, who e-mailed me to share how she won him back to herself and to God’s truth on the heels of his sin.

Dear Dr. Eggerichs,

Thank you for writing Love and Respect—the book has been a blessing and reading it has been a life-changing event for me.

I'm 36, my wife is 35. We have two children. I am an engineer by degree and work in management. We've always been fortunate enough for our finances to allow my wife to stay home with the kids.

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How Unconditional Respect Transformed Her Marriage

Have you read this blog post about how a moment of unconditional love transformed this man’s marriage? When we talk about a wife’s unconditional respect what exactly does that look like? How does a wife respect a husband who misunderstands her heart, pulls away emotionally, thinks she wants to end the marriage, and gets caught having an affair?

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Is My Spouse Good or Evil?

Q: I have heard you refer to “good will” a lot. What does that really mean and how do I know if my spouse has good will or evil will toward me? Dr. E says: Good question! The line between good and evil will can certainly get blurred when couples are spinning on the Crazy Cycle! Let me try to unpack this in less than 1,000 words. Good intentions, poor delivery.

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Does Respect Mean No Questions Asked?

Q: My husband has given me reasons to not trust him. Am I now being called to trust without question, because my questions show him a lack of respect? Dr. E says: To answer this, let me clarify the meaning of respect. In the book Love & Respect we address the importance of respectfully confronting issues. We never say you have to ignore or feel respect for the bad behavior of your husband. No, asking questions does not show a lack of respect.

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