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Is Your Wife Disagreeing with You Because She Rejects Your Spiritual Leadership?

Most wives I have met actually do long for their husbands to be the spiritual leader of their family. They are not resisting his leadership; they truly do believe it's biblical. However, they fear that he will not take their opinions into consideration.

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Do You Maintain a Submissive Spirit When Feeling Threatened by Authority?

John Gottman, the foremost quantitative researcher on marriage, wrote, "In the research literature on marital interaction that has used observational methods, women's marital interaction . . . has been consistently described as more confronting, demanding, coercive, and highly emotional . . . than the interaction of their husbands." Why is this? Why does she resort to this covert form of power?

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Can I Live Happily With My Wife? [Video]

A soldier who trains Army Rangers read Love & Respect. “I saw the ways I had mistreated my wife - ways I didn't mean. I saw things I had said, little things that didn't matter to me. I saw how it affected my wife. I finally understood why my wife felt so confused and hurt. I read more and applied what I learned. I asked God to give me loving words.

“She responded. I could feel the hurt and sadness ease."

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A Husband Finds the Log in His Own Eye - Part 1

This testimony prompted deep gratefulness in my heart! My wife and I were born into families that did not necessarily set us up for success. We married in between our junior and senior year of undergrad (college). I loved my wife dearly, but by far spent more of my time thinking about the “husband is the head of the home” scriptures.

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Marriage Maintenance

Recently I came across a blog entry written by a woman who communicated so effectively the mutual fear couples often experience related to a husband’s spiritual leadership and authority. She nails it! So this week I’m honored to share a portion of her blog, with her permission. Thank you, Bekka!

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Decision-Making in Marriage - A Hot-Button Topic? Part 3

Emerson’s Reply, Part Three - A few days ago I presented a question that came to me in an email, concerning decision-making in marriage. Please read my two previous posts for Parts One and Two. Concerning the suggestion that husbands and wives “Wait for God to change her/him on the matter” when they are at a stalemate, here is another important point.

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Decision Making in Marriage: A Hot Button Topic? Part One

Recently I received an email question from a colleague who has a vital ministry in the marriage arena. I found his question most interesting and worthy of careful consideration. I’d like to share his email with you followed by my response, over the next few days.

My friend writes:


I am dealing with a tough topic

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