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Why We Should Confess Our Unloving and Disrespectful Comments

If the roles were reversed, we'd expect another to confess to us. If another was mean to us, blamed us for their unkind reactions, made light of their unkindnesses since they meant no harm, and justified or denied their personal unresolved issues contributing to their hostilities and contempt toward us, we'd be up in arms. We'd be saying, "Wow, can't you at least humbly apologize for your part?"

We need to apply the same medicine to ourselves that we recommend to others.

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Why Does My Husband Hate Me? -- Love and Respect Podcast Ep. 025

This week Emerson and Jonathan discuss reasons a wife may believe her husband hates her. From he truly hates her, to they’ve said it to each other without meaning it, to he doesn’t apologize to her, five reasons this may be going on are discussed.

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Respect During Tough Times

May I speak just to the wives today? In my last blog we discussed what unconditional really means. I know how difficult the concept of unconditional respect is so today I want to share a testimony from a wife who figured this out, with powerful results. This woman’s husband endured an accident that left him unable to work. Within that difficulty, she learned to be sensitive to her husband’s needs; despite what I’m sure was a very hard time for her. I think her story will inspire you as it did me.

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