Have You Been Infected With The Disease Of Love And Respect?

Have You Been Infected With The Disease Of Love And Respect?

Many who attend the LOVE AND RESPECT CONFERENCE get infected with the real disease. They are so infected that when they sneeze they are contagious. They infect others! In other words, they are so excited about the LOVE AND RESPECT MESSAGE that when they share how the LOVE AND RESPECT MESSAGE has changed their marriage, they create tremendous enthusiasm among their listeners.

I read another story along that line. In the LOVE AND RESPECT WORKBOOK, I share that a leader's guide is available to use for a small group. Everyday people e-mail for that leader's guide. When they request the leader's guide, they share a brief testimony. Today I read about a leader who was impacted by the testimony of someone who attended the live LOVE AND RESPECT CONFERENCE. They were so impacted by this testimony that they decided to host their own small group. Here is what Julie said:

"I had a girlfriend that attended one of your conferences and couldn't stop talking about how it changed her marriage. I thought this would be a great thing to lead in our church growth groups. I kept feeling the calling to teach this and we currently are going to be leading this group in a few weeks. I ordered the DVD's and my husband and I are watching them and doing the workbook. I'm so excited to see my own marriage change along with the other couples that will be in our group." Julie

One person sneezed and infected a leader, who will now infect others with the real disease of love and respect.

Have you attended a LOVE AND RESPECT CONFERENCE or have you read the LOVE AND RESPECT BOOK? Are you excited about the change in your marriage?

Please sneeze!