Celebrating 125 Episodes and Future Plans — Love and Respect Podcast Ep. 126


In this week’s episode Emerson and Jonathan share that they are taking a sabbatical from the podcast. This leave of absence, so to speak, is occurring in order to produce more in depth resources on marriage, parenting, for businesses, and anywhere in between. They have exciting goals and share them with you in this episode. Also covered is what it has meant to them to produce these 125 episodes. Finally, they believe the information is not time sensitive and will be useful tomorrow and five years from now. The episodes will remain an archive that you can listen to and share with others. Thank you for joining them these last 2.5 years and they look forward to continuing to provide meaningful, life changing content.

Give Emerson and Jonathan feedback on topics and formats you would like to see in the future or show how the show has impacted you.