24/7 Marriage Assistance- The Love & Respect Marriage Conference is Now Online!

24_7 Marriage Assistance- The Love & Respect Marriage Conference is Now Online!

Could you use some marriage assistance? Have you ever wished your counselor was available 24/7? We have something we think is even better.

The Love and Respect Marriage Conference is Now Online 24/7!

V.O.D. -  Video on Demand!

Via online streaming you can…

  • Watch when you want (24/7)

  • Watch where you want (on a mobile device during coffee break)

  • Watch what you want (review the Rewarded Cycle first)

This streaming presentation is for you, whether you’ve never watched the Love and Respect marriage message or if you have attended several conferences.

These 10 sessions can be viewed at your convenience.

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As husband and wife, watch part of the Energizing Cycle as you sit in bed together from 10 pm to 10:30 pm. (Warning: it could lead to more than sleep!)

As you wait in the school car pool line, click on the Crazy Cycle in preparation for heading home with the kids.

On the heels of an argument with your spouse that left you feeling demotivated, click on the Rewarded Cycle to receive renewed motivation.

This conference study will enlighten you.

If you’ve never seen this conference, many will tell you this information will revolutionize your relationship. But don’t take our word for it...read these stories of Miracles!

Obviously, your marriage will not become perfect. There is no perfect couple since Adam and Eve! But the elements that seriously discourage and defeat you can disappear.

You will hear information you never heard before.

Even if you are familiar with the Love and Respect message, you will awaken to new insights that escaped your notice the first time through.

Some people say, “Emerson never said that when I attended the conference.” But when they watch again, they discover that he did!

Bottom line, many have said that the second and third time they went through the conference material it impacted them the most.

As the slogan goes, “Try it again for the first time.”

100% Money back guarantee!

Oh, and if it does not impact you for the first time or the second time, there is a 100% money back guarantee.

But we believe you will be so inspired that you will want to tell ten others about this message rather than get your money back!

Ignite your marriage for less than the cost of a car battery.

If you met with a counselor for 6 hours, you’d pay $600, but the 6.5-hour conference only costs $99 plus a 100+ downloadable workbook.

Want to begin right now? Click here.

Thank you for trusting us. We feel loved and respected!

Oh, and we love and respect you too!

The Love and Respect Team